Excessive consumption of sugary drinks may increase risk of osteoporosis

Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the most recent changes in the world's diet, resulting in the fact that, despite the fact that the WHO recommends a maximum consumption of 50 grams of sugar, many adults exceed this threshold with their daily beverage consumption alone!

Although they may be harmless, daily consumption of these drinks can lead to an increased risk of developing various pathologies, such as osteoporosis, due to a reduction in the density of bone mass, which is particularly important for women, who are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis.

Similarly, studies show a 22% increase in the risk of type II diabetes with consumption of one can of soft drinks per day, as well as heart attacks and other heart diseases.


As if this were not enough, studies show that consuming one sugary soft drink a day, added to a conventional diet, is equivalent to gaining 6.75 kilos of sugar after a year, and drinking two of these a day is equivalent, after a year, to more than 23 kilos of sugar.

In addition to all this, from the point of view of Vélez and LozanoIn terms of oral pathologies, these types of drinks produce a considerable increase in the erosion and loss of enamel, as well as caries, so it is important to assess whether their consumption in our daily diet is excessive in order to be able to control it before the problems derived from them become excessive.