I'm getting married next year: is it time to fix my teeth?

A wedding is a special moment for any couple and, of course, in the life of any person, who will always want to wear the best of their smiles on that day to remember it for many years to come.

This is why, frequently, dentists in Murcia and from all over the world serve men and women who, once their wedding date is set, consider improving their smile and go to their dental clinic of reference asking their dentist to bring their teeth and gums into the best possible condition.

In these cases, the main factor to take into account, apart from the dental situation of each individual, is time: depending on the time available, the professional will suggest one or other alternatives, which can help to improve the smile considerably:

- Tooth whitening

- Ceramic veneers

- Leveling of gum margins

- Aesthetic recontouring

They open up a wide range of possibilities to show off teeth like those of any Hollywood star on such an important day as a wedding.



These treatments - always with the doctor's approval - require a short-medium period of time, from a few days to a few months, and can be carried out with the support of an expert dentist in aesthetic dentistry, who will advise us on the best alternative for each case.

One of the most complicated to implement until now were orthodontic treatments, which require a longer execution time and therefore limited its application... something that has changed thanks to the emergence of AcceledentThe system reduces the average orthodontic treatment time by up to 50 percent, so that most treatments can be resolved in less than a year.

How does Acceledent work?

It is the first device that works with conventional orthodontic treatment to stimulate cellular activity and tooth movement. It is recommended to be used for 20 minutes a day, during which time the patient undergoing orthodontic treatment can perform conventional tasks.

Its exclusive patented SoftPulse technology generates small vibrations (or micropulses), which have been shown not only to speed up treatment, but also to make it more comfortable, eliminating some of the discomfort associated with orthodontic appliances.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeZB7DZhwbg&w=560&h=315]

This technology has been used since its introduction in 2009 in the United Kingdom and has recently arrived in Spain, thanks to exclusive dental clinics that offer it to their patients in order to speed up treatments in cases where time is a priority.

So, can I get braces before my wedding?

The answer is yes: Acceledent reduces the duration of conventional orthodontic treatments by up to 50% and can be combined with aesthetic lingual or clear orthodontic treatments to minimise the effect of orthodontics on the bride and groom's smile in the months leading up to the wedding.

Which dentists offer Acceledent?

In the Region of Murcia there is a clinic that offers this treatment.The clinical management of the centre, together with other selected centres in Spain, is important. orthodontist experienced with the use of Acceledent so that you can enjoy the best of smiles in record time.