Juanjo Martínez is continuing his training in 3D design.

Our colleague Juanjo Martínez, dental hygienist and dental assistant at the surgical teamattended a training on 3D applications in dentistry, a field in which he is being trained and to which he already contributes in the clinic, where he personally designs and supervises all splints for the placement of guided implants.
During the training, given by Wenceslao PiedraIn addition, 3D design topics were discussed for aesthetic treatments (such as digital smile design) and in the field of oral surgery. Thanks to Wenceslao's experience in the field, he was able to advise attendees on the types of mechanisms available on the market aimed at patient digitisation, some of which, in his opinion, deserve more attention than others.
With this training, the clinic hopes to take another step in the right direction in what seems to be the future of dentistry and the vast majority of sectors: digitalisation. Translated into practice in this case into the production of implant-guided splints (already used by our surgical team), as well as other guided applications such as sinus lifts, gingivectomies and other procedures.

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