Get to know Vélez & Lozano: our company philosophy

Since we created this blog, its intention has been mainly informative, offering content of various kinds but always with the intention of educating about dentistry at the patient level. However, at times, the fewest, we have deviated from this line with some special content, such as the one we intend to offer you today. And the fact is that, although we usually talk about Velez & Lozano At the clinical level, we are still constituted and registered as a company and a team with a common vision and mission, which we would like to talk to you about today.

That is why we have decided to create this first post of the '.Meet Vélez & Lozano' (though not the last).

Our company philosophy

The philosophy of a company is, according to the most accepted definitions, that which allows it to strengthen relationships with the consumer or client -patients, in our case- and what it uses to achieve its objectives. In other words, it would be the environment, culture and values of the company and is defined by three very specific elements.

  1. Mission

The mission of a company is its main objective. Although we are a company in the service sector, we are still a healthcare company, so it is sometimes confusing and even 'strange', even for us, to refer to ourselves as a 'company' and talk about objectives or commercial vision, but in this sense, as a dental clinic, our mission is clear: the oral and dental wellbeing of our patients. Specifically, and as stated in our website:

Our objective is to provide excellent dental care, thanks to the efficiency of state-of-the-art equipment and the friendly service of a multidisciplinary, specialised team. We want improve the oral health and dental aesthetics of everyone in Murcia.

2. Vision

The vision is the way in which a company intends to achieve its mission. To use a metaphor that allows us to understand it clearly: if the mission is the objective, the vision is the path. On this particular point, it is something that we have also made clear in the previous point and which has always formed part of our identity: we believe in constant updating in terms of training and technology as a way of being at the forefront when it comes to providing the highest possible quality health services, because health science is, after all, a discipline that demands this commitment from those who practise it.

That is why we constantly refer to courses run by our teamWe are committed to our mission, to be transparent with our patients and to reflect our commitment to our mission, and also to our technological acquisitions.

3. Values

Finally, the values of a company are equivalent to the values of an individual, and at Vélez y Lozano we have always been completely transparent about them, trying to transmit them to our patients, making public our commitments and the steps we take to continue reinforcing them. To use specific examples, we define ourselves as a company that shows solidarity with the world around it; that implements protocols adapted to the needs of all members of society (as our TEA protocol); and committed to the environment, which continues to take steps in this direction, as we have already told you here o hereamong others.