Minimally Invasive Removal of White Spots in Enamel

Have you seen white spots on your front teeth?

White enamel stains can appear in numerous locations, although they are almost always more noticeable when they appear on the upper incisors. Sometimes they are only cosmetic, but others can be a precursor to caries and need to be treated.


White spots after removal of orthodontic brackets.

When they appear in the incisorsmay be due to childhood traumato a excessive fluoride intake during tooth formation or as teeth grow MIH syndrome (Incisor-Molar Hypomineralisation Syndrome).

In the rest of the mouth, the following may appear between tooth and toothdue to the increased accumulation of food debris and bacteria in these areas that are difficult to reach for toothbrushing. They are also sometimes seen around brackets due to poor hygiene during orthodontic treatment. In these cases, the white spots are caries precursors and should be treated to strengthen the enamel and prevent further deterioration.


In black we see a cavity between two molars and how conventional access removes a lot of healthy tissue.

Whether it is for aesthetic reasons or to prevent caries growth, conventional treatment involves the removal of a large amount of healthy tooth in order to access and remove these lesions. But this is no longer a problem. Vélez and Lozano we have the ICON minimally invasive system for the infiltration of white spots.

 ICON allows remove only the affected tooth tissue, preserve all healthy enameland finally infiltrate the tooth with a biocompatible material that mimics enamel and reinforces its structure from the inside out.


3 steps: isolation, selective etching of the damaged enamel and infiltration.