New invisible braces: Invisalign

Until recently, anyone who wanted a perfect smile had to wear the well-known braces. While there are now a multitude of models that have managed to eliminate most of the associated problems, during the 1980s and 1990s the norm was often the same: to show off you have to suffer'.

The price of beauty was to reproduce the old children's fairy tale: to look like an ugly duckling in adolescence, only to emerge with a perfect, white, swan-like smile in maturity.

The dreaded 'irons' were, as if that were not enough, an inexhaustible source of a multitude of associated oral problems: the sores produced by the contact of the delicate skin on the lips and gums with these wires, as well as other horrible problems such as halitosis or infections that end in painful canker sores, used to be continuous. Many of them were mainly due to the fact that simple tasks such as brushing the teeth were not enough to keep the oral cavity clean.

There are currently a multitude of new orthodontic systems, with less visual impact and even removable at will. Among them all, the Invisalign technique stands out. This system consists of a series of transparent caps, made on average from images of the exact position of our teeth taken by a 3D scanner.

The system is updated every 14 days, changing the aligner and adapting it to the new position of the denture. Its movement is followed by our dentist during the process, who provides us with new sleeves and informs us of the changes. In addition, the caps can be easily put on and taken off, allowing the patient to have better oral hygiene throughout the process; this means a lower incidence of problems associated with orthodontic treatment.

6. Scanner-Invisalign-Exclusive-Murcia-Orthodontics-Invisible
Digital treatment programming improves treatment results and eliminates classic moulds.

Invisalign is the treatment in vogue in recent years, which has given excellent results to many patients. The invisible orthodontic system allows the patient to continue with their normal life, even forgetting that they use this system in their daily life. Moreover, Invisalign is socially less intrusive than traditional systems, and the functionality that allows it to be removed at will is perfect for people who, due to their profession, need to speak in public without braces, for example.

Vélez & Lozano Dental Clinic is specialised in this healthy alternative to braces, with the PLATINUM level, recognised by Invisalign, of the doctor and specialised orthodontist Javier Lozano. In addition, the clinic in Murcia has the exclusive use in Murcia of the iTero Elements scanner, one of Invisalign's latest innovations.