Theodent: a new therapeutic alternative to fluoride toothpastes

The most exclusive dental clinics in the Region of Murcia now have the Theodent formula to offer their patients the possibility of inhibiting dental demineralisation processes to the maximum, thanks to its Rennou® compound, based on theobromine, a technology that has recently demonstrated a superior effectiveness to sodium fluoride of conventional toothpastes.

It is, in short, an alternative to sodium fluoride which, judging by the most recent scientific evidence, could be a great dental protector not only against caries, but also against protection against sensitivity because of its ability to obliterate the small dentinal tubules that expose the dental nerve to cold, heat or sweet stimuli, among others.

A clinical application of Theodent 300 offers the highest concentration of Rennou available on the market. Thanks to a structure-like extract of chocolate and caffeine, it enlarges dental hydroxyapatite crystals up to four times, making them more resistant to dental demineralisation and thus reducing the chances of caries or dental hypersensitivity.