What happens if I swallow an Invisalign 'atache'? - Transparent Orthodontics Murcia

More than two million patients have already enjoyed the advantages of the 'Invisalign' technique of transparent orthodontics around the world, being a technique used more and more frequently in Spain and in the United States. city of Murcia by experienced professionals who can offer solutions to a large number of malocclusions with the use of the aligners developed by the North American multinational company. Align Technology.

In previous blog posts we have talked about how this technique works, the technology used to manufacture the aligners and the possibilities of treatment with them, as well as the basics of their use, but every day we receive more and more free queries on our blog about questions such as the one that gives title to this post.

What happens if an Invisalign button falls off?

The answer is simple: nothing.

In other words, it is not a treatment emergency that I should be concerned about if I am being treated with Invisalign. Depending on the indications that my orthodontist has given me throughout the treatment, I should:

  1. Call the orthodontist's clinic to report that I have dropped an attachment, and let them know which one(s), so they can tell me if I should come to the clinic soon to replace it, or if I can wait for the next appointment.
  2. If there are only a few days left before our review appointment with the orthodontist to assess the evolution of the case, I can wait for the appointment without any problem: when the day comes, they will replace the composite 'button' so that it continues to have an effect.

Can I have Invisalign for my case?

Well... the indications for the Invisalign technique are becoming more and more extensive, thanks to the evolution of its optimised attachments, its power-ridges and other functionalities developed exclusively by Align Technologies.

However, in order to properly assess your case, you should see a doctor orrthodontist experienced in clear orthodontics to determine the duration of the treatment in your case, the results to be achieved... and to resolve all your doubts.