What is Invisalign Lite for? - Orthodontist Molina de Segura

More and more patients, aware of the importance of correct and harmonious dental aesthetics for a successful personal and professional life, are deciding to solve small defects in the position of their teeth to reinforce their oral health and their personal self-esteem thanks to an aligned smile.

This, which was traditionally solved by the use of brackets, which involved a treatment of medium duration, because they do not allow to select which teeth to move or not, and always produce a 'deprogramming' of the relationship between the maxilla and the mandible, now has a convenient and simple solution thanks to the development of Invisalign Litea treatment option from Align Technology.

Advantages of Invisalign Lite

The advantages of treating simple cases, or even patients who wore orthodontics many years ago and now have some teeth shifted from their ideal position, are numerous:

–          FasterInvisalign Lite treatment lasts between 7 and 14 months (maximum).

–          More selectiveThe planning with the Clincheck software allows us to select which teeth move and which do not (impossible with brackets).

–          More comfortablethanks to the CAD/CAM polishing of the aligners, which have rounded, soft-tissue-friendly surfaces.

–          More aestheticbecause the material from which the aligners are made, SmartTrack, is transparent.

–          More hygienicThe patient can eat without leaving any residue in his mouth by removing the aligners and brushing normally.

What is the price of Invisalign Lite?

Another advantage of this technique, which is more economical than treatments that require Invisalign Full (for cases of medium to high complexity), is that Align Technology offers patients the possibility of a more efficient treatment. experienced orthodontists a significant discount on the cost of the material, thereby lowering the final cost of the treatment.

In many cases, treatment with Invisalign Lite has a similar cost to conventional orthodontics with brackets, around 3,000 euros, making it a very attractive option that the orthodontist will recommend if your case is suitable for it.

What movements can it achieve?

We will now look at a simple case in which, with 14 aligners (i.e. 7 months of treatment, changing the aligners every 14 days) we managed to significantly improve the patient's aesthetics, correcting the small malpositions that were initially present:

Are you convinced? Do not hesitate, if you have always thought that you could improve the position of your teeth, now is the best time to do it, quickly and effectively, with advice from leading dental clinics in the Invisalign technique.