Attachments and Aligners What are they?

If you are thinking about aligning your teeth with Invisible Orthodontics you may have heard these words... but do you know what they mean, and what they are for?

Aligners allow correct bite and alignment of the teeth in a totally discreet, comfortable and hygienic way, allowing us to avoid metal braces or brackets, in favour of Invisible Orthodontics.

But aligners on their own are not always able to carry out the whole movement, they need the attachmentsalso colloquially called ataches.
With this name, we refer to small reliefs that we adhere to certain teeth. These allow the aligner to better grip the tooth in order to carry out the programmed micro-movements.

The Attachments are very discreet elements that hardly change the aesthetics of our smile. They are small in size, stick to the tooth and their colour blends in with it. In addition, they are made of resin, the material used for dental fillings, which is totally bi-compatible, and their placement does not damage the enamel in any way.

Are all attachments the same?

Although at first glance it may seem that all attachments are the same, the fact is that each one has a specific size and shape which can vary according to movement needs, so that their design, like that of the aligners, is totally personalised. Therefore, each patient will need a certain number of attachments that may vary depending on the treatment, and in turn, they can be modified at each stage of the treatment, so that in some appointments we replace some attachments with others.

Wondering if wearing attachments is like wearing braces? Well, no! Their smooth, polished surface makes them pleasant to the touch, and on very rare occasions there may be occasional minor discomfort, nothing that won't resolve in a couple of days.

Finally, the attachments are removed at the end of the treatment, restoring the initial appearance of the teeth. We use instruments that do not damage the surface of the enamel so that it remains intact after removal.