What is the best dental floss? - Dentist Murcia

Dental floss is one of the least used elements of oral hygiene in Spain, which leads to a great lack of knowledge about it, which can be presented in different formats, adapted to the needs of each particular patient.

Its use is particularly recommended for adult patients suffering from periodontal diseaseThe gums 'shrink' or recede, creating a larger space than usual in which food debris can accumulate and cause bacterial proliferation, increasing the severity of the periodontitis itself, or the appearance of other pathologies such as dental caries.

What is the difference between dental floss and dental tape?

In most cases, the use of thread or tape, whose difference is like that of a spaghetti and a noodle (a very similar shape, the tape being flat and the thread rounded), is indifferent, and responds more to personal taste than to a real difference in effectiveness or indications, so that either can be used interchangeably.


What is wax flossing used for?

Dental floss is an element of oral hygiene that allows us to remove food debris in the interdental spaces, and in some cases it is sold coated with 'wax', so that its use is more comfortable and intuitive for the patient.

Again, the choice of waxed or unwaxed floss is again a personal decision, with no difference except that, in some cases, the floss is flavoured to make it more pleasant to use.


So which floss should I choose to take care of my smile?

It is best to use the highest quality floss: the difference between low-cost and high-strength products is essentially that the better quality ones stay intact without fraying, ensuring adequate protection of the gums.

In the case of using low quality floss, we can find ourselves with small lesions in the gums that, in the long term, will damage us considerably, which is why it is necessary to go to a brand that offers us a guarantee on the resulting product.

Crest Oral-B tote bag

How can I floss my teeth if I have braces or bridges?

If the patient carries orthodontics or fixed dentures, cleaning them is more difficult than usual, so we must choose a dental floss that makes the task easier:

- With a threader, similar to a 'needle' that allows us to insert it under the bridge or archwire that activates the brackets.


- With a 'fluffy' area, thicker than the usual thread, for safe removal of debris over large areas.

- With a conventional thread zone to ensure comfortable removal at conventional dental contact points.

For this, we will have to resort to the only floss that meets all these requirements: Superfloss, a dental floss with threader and 'sponge' that helps to maintain impeccable hygiene in all circumstances.