Arch expansion: generous and uncluttered smiles - Ortodoncia Exclusiva Murcia

Orthodontic treatment to resolve a malocclusion and improve a person's facial aesthetics is a delicate process that must be carried out by experienced orthodontists who know how to assess, depending on the characteristics of each case, the treatment needs and the most appropriate technique to achieve the best results.

One of the changes that orthodontics has undergone is the commitment to the expansion of the arches, in such a way that, taking into account the size of the jaws and the position of the teeth in relation to the bone that holds them, the smile is 'widened', generating numerous positive effects:

  • A more generous and broad smile, which has a positive effect on those with whom we interact personally or professionally.
  • Reduction of 'black spaces' produced when, when smiling, shadows are produced between a person's cheeks and teeth
  • Possibility to compensate, in many cases, for the lack of space to place the teeth, thanks to a wider arch, thus avoiding extractions.


It is therefore a common procedure in state-of-the-art orthodontic clinics, which has emerged from the low friction techniques, such as Tip-Edge or Damon, which have Vela III or Europa II archwires, respectively, in such a way that they help dental professionals to achieve their goals quickly, safely and predictably.

Can expansion occur in all cases?

This is an important aspect that must be assessed by an experienced orthodontist, based on radiographic, cephalometric, photographic and model analysis, as not all patients can and should receive the same arch expansion.

Which orthodontist should I go to for a Damon technique?

In the Region of Murcia there are numerous professional orthodontists who can solve your doubts and needs regarding low friction techniques. A previous analysis is of great importance in order to give you the answers you need.