Flúor goes on holiday (story for children)

Summer is finally here: our friend Flúor's favourite season. When dinosaur school is over, he goes to the beach, ready with his bucket and spade.

He plays and swims with the waves on the beach.

Fluor has a friend with whom he also spends the summer on his beach. His name is Little Tooth, a brachiosaurus dinosaur with a very long neck like a giraffe. Although he doesn't go to his school, every summer they play together on the beach.

One day, while they were playing sand castles, Fluor felt very thirsty, so he asked Little Tooth to come with him to drink some water.

When our dinosaur friend stuck out his tongue, he realised it was white!

- But if I haven't eaten cream, why is it so white? - he asks himself strangely.

And then he remembers that one day Jacobo and Vanessa told him that he should also brush his tongue. He had completely forgotten! He thought of telling his friend and giving him the same advice.

- Little teeth, did you know that you have to brush your tongue because otherwise it turns white? Look at the way I wear mine! -He said as he pointed to it, "All those are bacteria that make your breath smell bad.

- I didn't know that! -But after we eat, when we brush our teeth, I'll brush my tongue too.

Later in the afternoon, it is very hot and Fluor's mother offers them each a piece of watermelon, but Little Tooth can't eat it.

- Ah, it's so cold, it makes my tooth ache!

Flúor, who is very observant and watches Vanessa and Jacobo work closely, suspects what might be going on.

- Little teeth, open your mouth for a moment, please.

After glancing at it, he says:

- Aha, just as I suspected! You have a cavity! Can't you feel a hole with your tongue?

- Yes, but why did my tooth break? Why did I get a cavity?

- Vanessa always says that you shouldn't eat too many biscuits, juices or chocolate because they can cause tooth decay.

- Well, I eat every day!

- Oh, Fluorine, I feel something inside the hole, what could it be?

Fluor approaches and inspects his mouth.

- Well, it looks like leftover food!

- But I brushed my teeth after lunch! How can that be?

Then Flúor remembers that Jacobo always tells him that brushing is not complete until he passes the arches. Because the toothbrush cannot remove the food that remains between the teeth and the only correct way is to pass the interdental arches before brushing. So Fluor comes up with an idea:

- Little teeth, tell your dad that tomorrow we're going on an adventure to meet some friends!

The next day, they leave the beach and head to the Vélez y Lozano dental clinic, which does not close in summer. They go to meet Vanesa and Jacobo, who welcome them with a big smile.

- Fluor, we missed you, but shouldn't you be at the beach? You're on holiday!

Fluor says yes, but he tells them about the problem his friend Little Tooth has and that he thinks he might have a cavity.

So they sat him on the couch to take a look at him and sure enough, he had a cavity! But Vanessa and Jacobo fixed it in no time while he was watching the cartoons on TV, and they gave him a prize! A super cool bouncy ball.

- I don't want any more broken teeth! Can it happen to me again," asks Little Teeth.

- Yes, if you continue to do the same," answer Vanessa and Jacobo, "but if you brush 3 times a day, eat few sweets and brush your teeth with a dental arch, your teeth will be healthy and strong and won't break again.

From that moment on, Little Tooth Dinosaur has been carrying his toothbrush and dental arch with him everywhere he goes, and he is very careful with his food, so he has never had a tooth ache again.

Not even when eating watermelon!