For nutrition that promotes dental health

Today is the National Nutrition DayWe at Vélez y Lozano would like, once again, to remind you of its importance when it comes to maintaining proper oral health. A healthy mouth is synonymous with a good diet (among other good habits) and vice versa.

For this reason, we would like to offer you a series of tips on this subject, in a very brief and summarised form, as we could go on at length on this subject due to its extreme importance:

  • Consumes the least amount of acidic foods avoid things like drinking lemon on an empty stomach, which neither helps you lose weight nor prevents colds.
  • It consumes, of course, the minimum possible amount of refined sugar. Especially if it comes from foods that stay in your mouth for a long time, such as candy or chewing gum. Not only will you avoid the risk of developing cavities, but also many other diseases.
  • Enter crunchy foods in your diet, such as apple, carrot or cucumber. Their high fibre content helps to naturally clean teeth and gums and also stimulates salivation.
  • Drink plenty of water. A fundamental pillar of general health, it also promotes the production of saliva and regulates the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Whenever you can, consume foods rich in fluoride. Fluoride is naturally present in foods such as fish, tea and milk. Of course, apply logic to this advice: if you are lactose-allergic, you should not consume milk, nor should you eat only fish and skip other foods.
  • Also pay attention to the riboflavinIt is found in eggs, lean meats and green leafy vegetables. Deficiency causes inflammation of the tongue and lips.

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