Happy World Oral Health Day

At the Vélez & Lozano dental clinic we would like to join in the commemoration coined by the FDI World Dental Federation for today, 20th March, as World Oral Health Day. In this sense, in addition to vindicate the work that, day by day, we carry out in our own clinic with our work, we would like to break a lance in favour of the informative and preventive part that also, day by day, we try to transmit through all the channels that Internet has made available to us.

Therefore, we would like to remind you that as dentists in Murcia we have always paid special attention to prevention and patient education as a fundamental part of an adequate service, beyond the correct diagnosis and excellent treatment. From the hygiene techniques that our oral hygienists teach in each of our maintenance appointments (if they consider it necessary), to the advice on diet or the plaque disclosers that our paediatric dentistry team uses regularly to teach the little ones (and their parents) about the importance of the correct care of their mouth.

But also, beyond our physical borders, using, as we have already said, all the online tools that the technological revolution has put in our hands. Despite being a dental clinic in Murcia, from our blog we try to write for the whole world, and this sometimes happens, giving our more professional but informative vision (which is not always easy) on topics that we believe are of general interest. Also, using our social networks to address all these issues.

Once again, happy World Oral Health Day.