How does the Incognito lingual orthodontic system work? - Aesthetic Orthodontics Murcia

Society's growing concern for a healthy, beautiful and harmonious smile means that more and more adults are interested in enjoying the benefits of orthodontic treatment, which goes beyond health care to help them find a partner or get a job that requires 'face-to-face' attention.

That is why, for some years now, orthodontic systems of maximum aesthetics, such as Invisalign or Incognito, have been triumphing in the Region of Murcia, where a few of them have been used in the past few years. orthodontists with experience in these fields offer their patients almost invisible solutions to solve their dental crowding or malocclusion without anyone noticing that they are wearing traditional 'braces'.

In this blog post we will talk about a lingual orthodontic technique developed in Bad Essen, Germany, and marketed worldwide through 3M, one of the leading multinationals in the development of chemical solutions and adhesives, whose alliance with Dr. Dirk Wiechmann has made it possible to generate the most efficient lingual orthodontic system in the world.

What does it consist of?

After a thorough examination of the case, your orthodontist, who must be certified by 3M as an expert in orthodontics IncognitoThe patient will have photographs and models of his or her mouth taken and sent to the company's headquarters, where a set of customised brackets will be prepared using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, made from an alloy of precious metals such as gold and iridium.

How are brackets fitted?

One week before the brackets are fitted, the patient receives a tartrectomy and hygiene session, which ensures that the 'lingual' or 'palatal' sides of the teeth, i.e. those that are not visible, where the brackets are to be cemented, are free of tartar or any other debris to ensure proper bonding.

1. Teeth-Upper-Arcade-Orthodontics-Lingual-Incognitus-Murcia

With the lingual part of the teeth clean, the orthodontist will 'isolate' the teeth to prevent moisture by placing a lip, cheek and tongue retractor, which will also aspirate the patient's saliva, which will also be controlled with cotton swabs and other hydrophilic devices, ensuring that the teeth are permanently dry.

2. Mouth-opener-Nola-Aspiration-Dental-Dental-Orthodontics-Lingual-Incognito-Murcia

After that, the surfaces on which the brackets are to be placed are 'sandblasted' or 'micro-sandblasted' to leave them free of debris and to make the bracket bonding fully effective.

3. Micro-sandblasting-Dental-Sandblasting-Dental-Incognito-Cementation-Murcia-Orthodontic-Lingual

In addition to that, the tooth surface will be 'etched' with orthophosphoric acid at 37 per cent concentration, an agent frequently used in other procedures such as fillings or dental fillings, where significant bonding is also necessary.

4. Engraving-Dental-Acid-Orthophosphoric-Orthodontics-Lingual-Incognito-Murcia

Once this has been done, the professional will apply a latest generation adhesive, normally the Sondhi system, which consists of two activators, one of which will be placed on the teeth and the other on the bracket, so that when the silicone structure with the brackets is taken to the area of contact with the teeth, and when the time marked by the manufacturer expires, the patient will already have all the brackets in place.


After this, in order to ensure that no adhesive residue remains, it is common to re-use an 'ultrasonic' tip which, in a gentle and soft-tissue friendly manner, will ensure that the gum remains in a healthy state throughout the treatment.

7. Cemented-Lingual-Brackets-Invisible-Esthetic-Incognito-3M-Murcia-Gold

After this, the orthodontist will start the lingual orthodontic treatment as planned, which will require postgraduate level training and experience with this system, whose mechanics are more complex than those of traditional orthodontics with metal or ceramic brackets.

8. Bracket-Lingual-Incognito-3M-Orthodontics-Murcia-Sonrisa-Invisible-Esthetics

What does lingual orthodontics cost?

The lingual orthodontic brackets of the Incognito 3M system are made of a gold and iridium alloy, among other materials, which, together with their individualised manufacture with a high manual component, means that the cost of the material is considerably higher than in other techniques, where brackets are used 'in series'.

The price of lingual orthodontics in the Region of Murcia varies depending on the experience of the patient. orthodontist directing treatmentThe cost of treatment can be around 50 per cent higher than conventional treatment.