How to clean dental implants and implant-supported prostheses at home?

For good prosthodontic hygiene and a long durability of dental implants, it is essential to maintain a careful oral hygiene to prevent possible tissue alterations that could even cause the dental implant to fail.

There are various devices and utensils that can help us to carry out a correct hygiene of our implant-supported dental prosthesis at home.

Manual toothbrushes specifically for implant-supported prostheses

These brushes have a special grip and angles to make cleaning more accessible.

Dental irrigators

They use pressurised water to reach the most inaccessible points for those fixed prostheses or those that are difficult to clean manually.

Special silks

These flossers are specifically for people who have lost gum volume, causing food debris to become lodged in the interproximal areas.

Interproximal brushes

These brushes perform a similar function to the special dental floss for dentures on implants, although they are more focused on people with a large loss of gum volume and therefore, the visible spaces are larger.

It is also very important to go to revisions each 4-6 months with your dental professional to check and ensure that our dental prosthesis remains correctly sanitised and stable over time.