Can I have Invisalign if I have missing teeth or molars? - Orthodontics Santomera

Enjoying a healthy smile, with aligned teeth that fulfil their chewing function in an ideal way, that allow proper hygiene without any gaps between them that accumulate food, and that help us to smile in a natural and carefree way, is a desire shared by many people. people from the Region of Murciaregardless of their age.

Thus, orthodontics, which traditionally focused on adolescent patients, is a treatment that more and more adults are enjoying, thanks in part to the appearance of lingual orthodontic or transparent orthodontic techniques that help them 'take the step' to improve their smile in a discreet and almost invisible way for all their surroundings.

In this sense, in adults, taking into account that more than 71 percent of the adult population in Spain has undergone a dental extraction, orthodontics may make it necessary to consider a combined treatment with prosthetic rehabilitation, using ceramic bridges or titanium dental implants, the placement of which will be carried out according to the planning carried out by the orthodontist who is the clinical director of each case.

The patient has absent lower first two molars.
The patient has absent lower first two molars.

This is commonplace in dental practices, which is why such planning combined with the most modern orthodontic techniques, such as Invisalignwhose Clincheck tooth movement planning programme allows us to plan the space available at the end of the treatment to replace a lost tooth and even reserve space for a temporary resin tooth for the duration of the treatment in order to maintain the patient's aesthetics impeccably.

Below, we can see the planning carried out with the previous patient, where we initially have a space and a problem of lack of space in the incisors, which are overcrowded. At the end of the treatment, after only 7 months, we have the necessary space to replace the missing pieces with dental implants, which will have the necessary space to guarantee a correct distribution of forces and an adequate dental relationship.

In this way, we see how the absence of teeth, although unfortunately common, can be contemplated in orthodontic treatments, after which the teeth have the best distribution between them to allow a predictable and functional prosthetic work for a long time.

So don't hesitate, and contact an orthodontist with knowledge of the Invisalign clear orthodontic technique to start orthodontic treatment to help you improve your quality of life and give others your best smile at all times.