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    What can I expect from 'Implantology for Patients'?

    The book is a response to the dozens of questions that an implantologist encounters in his office every day and in an attempt to bring his knowledge of the subject closer to the non-specialist public.

    Throughout its 67 pages, 'Implantology for Patients' covers the basics of the subject, from the consequences of losing a tooth to how to maintain an implant, including, of course, the different types of implants that exist and how to place them.

    All written in simple and informative language so that it can be understood by anyone. 

    The book has been written by Fernando García Vélez y Juan José Martínez VázquezThe cover design, layout and illustration were the work of David Brugarolas, from Fundación 33, and it has been corrected and revised by Francisco José López Olmos, from the Communication and Marketing Department of Vélez y Lozano.


    The doctor Fernando García Vélez is medical director of the dental clinic Velez & Lozano in Murcia and has more than 15 years of experience in his field. In addition, he is the vice-president of the Grupo Murciano de Estudios Estomatológicos (GEMO). His training began at the University of Murcia, where he was awarded an extraordinary prize for his degree, and has taken him to various places in Spain and abroad, from Cáceres to Brazil. 

    His professional life as a dentist has been based exclusively on the practice of Surgery and Implants, which has led him to write this book, in which he tries to instruct and answer the most common questions of patients on the subject in a didactic and instructive but plain and simple way, in order to reach all levels in the same way, with the aim that no previous knowledge of the subject is necessary to understand it.