Internal bleaching, what is it?

There are many aesthetic treatments available to improve our smile, such as the whitening or ceramic veneers, but there is one in particular that very few people have heard of that has a tremendous impact on our smile: internal bleaching.

What is internal bleaching?

This type of whitening is carried out from the inside of the tooth, as the name suggests, and is carried out on patients who have one of their teeth that is a very different colour to the rest. This tooth looks black from the outside, and is very noticeable when we speak or when we smile in photos.

Why is my tooth black?

The causes for the darkening of these teeth are related to the dental trauma. Most often the patient has had a blow to that tooth, and it has suddenly changed colour. Perhaps a piece of the tooth was broken off, but it is not necessary, the tooth may appear intact but may have darkened. It is also common when the tooth has received a root canal because of the same trauma or because of deep caries.

When the tooth looks darkened, the best thing to do is to go to your dental clinic and ask for a specialist in endodontics or aesthetics. At that appointment, the condition of the tooth will be assessed, whether it is endodontic, or if it needs a root canal.

So when can I have internal bleaching?

The most important thing to know about this treatment is that it is not applicable to everyone, unlike conventional whitening. Internal whitening, as its name suggests, is carried out from the inside of the tooth, and not from the outside, and for this the tooth must be previously endodontised. If you don't know what endodontics is or you have more doubts, you can find out more about it in full here.

Only when the tooth has already been endodontically treated can we proceed to internal whitening, in which all the remains of fillings or old treatments are cleaned, preserving as much of the tooth as possible, until the endodontic treatment is completed.

The root is protected with a base similar to the filling, and then the whitening agent is applied. This whitening agent requires several sessions to take full effect, so you will have to attend two or three appointments to complete the whitening, but I assure you that the result will be well worth it.


If you think that this treatment could be the solution to your problem, or if you would like a professional opinion on the matter, you can contact us through our usual channels.