The most aesthetic braces in the world, now in Murcia

 Have you ever thought about having orthodontic treatment to improve your occlusion or the aesthetics of your smile? Would you like to have perfectly aligned teeth like the ones you see in your favourite films?

Until a few years ago, orthodontic treatments required the patient to wear orthodontic appliances based on metal brackets that were difficult to conceal, the aesthetics of which have improved in recent years with the appearance of new materials such as sapphire, ceramic, composite... as well as the emergence of transparent aligners and lingual brackets.

On this occasion, in our blog post we are going to present what are possibly the most aesthetic brackets in the world, which are already available in the most popular most exclusive dental clinics in the Murcia Regionby the hand of TP Orthodontics.

What's new in InVu?

We are talking about InVuThe new technology incorporates a number of revolutionary patents in the world of orthodontics:

- They are made of a special material that assimilates the colour of your teeth, thanks to the revolutionary Colour Matching Technology.®The bracket is amazingly aesthetically pleasing.

The bracket mimics the colour of the tooth underneath it, which is unique in the world.
The bracket mimics the colour of the tooth underneath it, which is unique in the world.

- They are made of a state-of-the-art ceramic that does not change colour even if the patient smokes, drinks coffee or eats foods with a lot of pigments.

- They do not have any metal parts, so they will go completely unnoticed by other people.

What does the Colour Matching Technology®?

Personalized Color-Matching Technology is an exclusive TP Orthodontics patent based on the light refraction produced by light hitting your teeth.

While other bracket systems are standard for each patient, independent of the colour of their teeth, which can be lighter or darker and therefore clash with the appliance, this technology maintains the light refraction spectrum, assimilating the colour of the tooth as its own.

Like a chameleon standing on a branch and mimicking its colour, this technology is set to become a real aesthetic improvement for the hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world who are looking for a more aesthetic and economical solution for their orthodontic treatment every day.

The aesthetic results of PCMT technology are astonishing.
The aesthetic results of PCMT technology are astonishing.

Are the brackets comfortable?

In addition, InVu brackets are designed to provide you with comfortable treatment, thanks to improvements in their design:

- They are smaller than traditional brackets, but their unique manufacturing process makes them as strong as metal brackets.

- Their low profile makes them low-bulk, while a unique polymer base makes them easy to peel off after treatment.

- Its ultra-smooth surface, thanks to injection moulding, does not rub cheeks or lips.

So if you are considering orthodontic treatment, InVu's technology will help to make the process more manageable, so don't hesitate to consult with InVu's orthodontists. licensed orthodontists to develop this technique in the city of Murcia.