Can I wear braces if I am an athlete?

In the Region of Murcia more and more people are deciding to join a federation and practice a sport on a regular basis, something positive not only because of how enriching it can be on a personal level to compete and improve day by day, but also because of the advantages that sport and physical exercise have for our organism.

Basketball, football, handball, athletics, swimming, karate, judo, volleyballtennis, padel... the list is endless and, fortunately, it seems to go on and on, a reflection of a young society motivated by the self-improvement and teamwork that these disciplines often require.

Dentists sometimes have to answer their questions about the compatibility of treatments with their sporting activity, which is particularly evident in the case of patients who wear orthodontics to improve the position of your teeth and thus your chewing and general health, as well as, of course, your personal and facial aesthetics.

Today we have a good example that orthodontics is in no way incompatible with physical activity: Ruth Beitia, one of Spain's representatives at the World Championships, is one of the most successful athletes in the world. European Indoor Athletics Championships, he has won a gold medal.The highest distinction, which he celebrates in this picture showing us his orthodontics.

Far from affecting sporting activity, aligned teeth help to reduce food packaging and cavities that could interrupt training sessions, as well as guaranteeing the best possible nutrition and chewing to help athletes acquire all the nutrients they need to, as in this case, reach the top.