Express orthodontics: what you need to get to your graduation with a flawless smile

There are special moments in anyone's life that mark a change of era, and one of them is a graduation: the symbol of the end of the student period, which gives way to a period in which the incorporation into working life demands, today more than ever, to offer a physical appearance that complements an education that has been worked on for years and years.

Therefore, more and more students from the Region of Murcia decide to make an effort to improve their smile and thus complete the photograph of a curriculum vitae impeccable to help them find the job they have always wanted, aware of the importance of personal image at the time of a job interview.


And it is in these cases, when time is of the essence, that technological advances in orthodontics help future professionals to reduce treatment times, thanks to state-of-the-art devices such as Acceledent, which stimulate cellular activity, allowing for the possibility of 'express orthodontics'.

Is Acceledent safe?

Yes, clinical trials carried out in the United States have demonstrated that there is no risk of root resorption or loss of posterior anchorage, obtaining the classification of Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration, the body that oversees the safety of products marketed for human use or consumption.


What is your orthodontic acceleration based on?

SoftPulse's patented technology is based on biological principles of orthopaedics and bone remodelling commonly used in orthodontics, and is therefore applicable to any technique, whether traditional metal or ceramic brackets, lingual orthodontic systems such as Incognito or plastic orthodontics such as Invisalign.

Is it comfortable?

Acceledent is designed to be used for only 20 minutes a day, with micropulses that, in addition to speeding up the effects of the orthodontic appliances that we wear, mean that the treatment avoids discomfort such as headaches or dental pain associated with the inflammation associated with bone remodelling processes.

Fantastic... when do I start?

After reading all this, you have probably decided to go for a healthy and aligned smile in a fast and effective way, so all you have to do is contact one of the following companies dental clinics benefiting from Acceledent's unique technology in Spainconsult an experienced orthodontist about the needs of your malocclusion and... get to work!

It's probably one of the best dental health decisions you can make, so when you get your new job after graduation, you can't help but thank your trusted orthodontist for the work he or she has done on your teeth.