Orthodontist Ana Perez expands her training on Spark's invisible aligner system

The orthodontist Ana Pérez Pardo, who leads our orthodontic team, attended a new training session on 22 October related to invisible orthodontics, this time with the Spark invisible aligners system. The training was given by Dr. Ángel Navarro Morcillo, one of the leading exponents of invisible orthodontics in our country.

Thanks to this course, the doctor broadened her knowledge about this new type of aligners that is making its way in Spain and about their special designs. In addition, together with Dr. Navarro, they discussed several clinical cases and shared treatment plans and current techniques, which nowadays make it possible to solve even the most complex malocclusions.

Thus, the orthodontist expands her training on this new system, and the clinic can offer increasingly competitive services in the area of invisible orthodontics in Murcia.

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