Politicians and teeth whitening

What do the elections in Galicia or the Basque Country have to do with a dentist? How can the colour of a dentist's teeth influence the white of his or her teeth? Mario Conde compared to that of Núñez FeijooWill you be able to Romney close the gap with Obama to win the elections for the presidency of the United States of America?

Barack Obama
Barack Obama, winner's smile

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, you'll need to hurry up and see your dentist.

These must be some of the questions that were asked at the American company that manufactures the tooth whitening product Lusterbefore beginning the analysis of photographs of the winners of the US elections in recent years, in order to relate the colour of the candidates' smiles to whether or not their candidacy was successful.

The study, entitled 'Analysis of presidential candidates' campaign photographs in relation to the whiteness of their teeth and their electability', involved an analysis of the candidates' photographs, adjusting the colour of the photos over the years, as well as changes in ambient light or the conditions in which they were taken, to compare the relative whiteness of the candidates.

Evidence from photographs since 1992 shows how the candidate with the whitest teeth has always won the election. From Bill Clintonwhen he was governor of Arkansas and was facing H.W. Bush (father) or to Bob Dole in 1996, passing by the narrow margin of George W. Bush (son) when he faced Al Gorewho had slightly darker teeth than the eventual winner.

Bush Jr. would later revalidate his title against John KerryThe question now is whether Mitt Romney will whiten his teeth BEFORE the Americans go to the polls because, according to the survey data, Obama's teeth are clearly whiter.

We will see if there is again a relationship between these aspects but, in any case, it is interesting and decisive to see the importance of a white and beautiful smile to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in life. Undoubtedly, one more reason to opt for an effective and innocuous dental whitening therapy to improve our physical appearance and facial aesthetics.