Sara Pérez Díaz gives the webinar "Dental Monitoring: from theory to practice".

Dr. Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist at Velez & Lozano gave on 22 April the webinar "Dental Monitoring: from theory to practice".

Dental Monitoring is a pioneer in virtual monitoring in dentistry through artificial intelligence. Through the mobile application, patients can "monitor" their orthodontic treatment from home. This application will ask the patient for a series of records that will be analysed by artificial intelligence, and will provide clinical data to professionals to subsequently indicate to patients what the next steps are.

The Dr. Perez gives lectures for other orthodontists and professionals in the sector who want to get started in virtual monitoring. In this webinar, he explained the advantages of artificial intelligence to improving the patient experienceThe new internal workflow that involves optimising the overall operation of the practice. He also presented several real-life cases of patients treated with aligners to show the benefits of treatment through virtual monitoring and to communicate their experiences.

"Virtual monitoring is widespread in countries such as the United States and Italy, among others, and more than 600,000 patients are already monitoring their treatment through this system. There is no doubt that, once again, the future is already the present," says Dr. Pérez.