We present 'Implantology for Patients', the new book by the Vélez y Lozano team.

Fernando García Vélez, a dentist in Murcia specialising in implants and surgery, medical director of Vélez y Lozano, has written, with the invaluable help of the hygienist Juan José Martínez Vázquez, who has years of experience in assisting in interventions related to implantology, his first informative book on this complicated dental subject. The book is born as a [...]

Raquel Lucas trains in orthodontics in Madrid

Our orthodontist Raquel Lucas studied last Friday the second module of the university postgraduate course in clinical orthodontics at the International Postgraduate School of Dentistry, a collaborating centre of the University Isabel I, based in Madrid. Raquel is a member of our team of invisible orthodontics in Murcia and continues her training with the help of [...]

Dr García Vélez attends a course at Inibsa

Dr. Fernando García Vélez, specialist in Implantology and Surgery and director of the Dental Clinic in Murcia Vélez y Lozano, attended last Friday 5th November to the lecture 'The management of peri-implant soft tissues' of Inibsa, given by Dr. Jerián Gonzalez Febles. Dr. Gonzalez Febles has a wide range of experience [...]

The GEMO Group kicks off 2021-2022

Fernando García Vélez, medical director and founding partner of the Vélez & Lozano Dental Clinic in Murcia, is the vice-president of this leading scientific body in dentistry in the region. With the summer period over, the Murcian Odontostomatology Study Group (GEMO), in which the medical director of Vélez & Lozano, Fernando García Vélez, is the vice-president of the group, has been [...]