Ana Pérez Pardo


Dr. Ana Pérez Pardo leads the Orthodontics team at Vélez y Lozano, a field she masters in several areas, being an expert in traditional orthodontics, in dentofacial orthopaedics and having to her credit more than 600 cases resolved in invisible orthodontics with Invisalign. She did an internship in our clinic in 2018, to which she has now returned full of experience to offer all that knowledge and know-how to our patients. Member of SEDA.

Curriculum Vitae

- Degree in Dentistry. University of Murcia.

- Postgraduate in Orthodontics: Straight Arch. Gnathos School of Orthodontics in Madrid.

- Doctoral student in dentistry (in progress).

- Invisalign and Spark certified.

- Advanced Diploma in Orthodontics with aligners. Aligners Academy.

- Dr. Chris Chang's micro-screw course.

Scientific and conference publications:

  • Ortiz-Ruiz, A.J., Muñoz-Gómez, I.J., Pérez-Pardo, A. et al. "Influence of fluoride varnish on shear bond strength of a universal adhesive on intact and demineralized enamel". Odontology (2018) 106: 460.
  • Adolescent lifestyle and its influence on oral health-Asociación Española de pediatría.
  •  Oral communication poster: "Healthy lifestyles in adolescents and their oral health".
  • SEOP 2018 - WINNER of the First Second Prize of the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry for oral communication.
  • Oral communication poster: "Dentine substitute materials: Study of biocompatibility and microfiltration".
  • SEDO 2017
  • Oral communication poster: "Eruption of the first primary tooth".
  • SEOP 2015

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