Is your smile ready for the new Instagram trends? Part II

In this article, we continue to unveil the features your smile needs to dazzle on Instagram. In the first part we talked about tooth colour, the importance of alignment, dental exposure and the curve of the smile. If you haven't read it yet, you can go directly by clicking here. Today we will continue to describe other features that I always take into account when designing a perfect smile.

5. Proportions of teeth 

Are your teeth in proportion to each other? This is essential for a harmonious and pleasing smile. 

Depending on how wide one is, the other should be accordingly, in order to achieve a natural balance. 

In addition, each tooth should have a height-to-width ratio: for example, the upper central (incisor) teeth should have a 4:5 height-to-width ratio. 

These aspects help us to define the ideal proportion in the aesthetic zone, in order to achieve a balanced smile line. However, we should never evaluate them in isolation, but as a whole. 

The width of the central incisor, lateral incisor and canine are related according to ideal proportions. 

6. Amount of gum we show per tooth 

As I said before, women have to show a little more gum than men to have an "ideal smile", however, the values are not the same for each tooth. 

In the case of the canines and central incisors, the distance is the same, but in the case of the lateral incisors, which are between them, they tend to be somewhat "lower" and show some gum, although this is something that we will personalise depending on the general situation of the smile. 

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There are several types of gingival architecture: Classical - left / Modified - right 

7. Subsequent expansion 

One of the parameters that we all like the most about his smile is the expansion it has, as the teeth "fill" the whole smile, as in the image on the right. 

This is something that, once again, can be solved by aesthetic dentistry alone, such as veneers, and can also be improved by orthodontics, depending on the situation of the individual patient and the amount of bone in the upper jaw in terms of width. 

8. Inclination of the front teeth 

I am not talking about very prominent teeth, but about a "subtle" inclination of the teeth, which will define the position of the upper lip, something important because it greatly improves the profile. 

Although we sometimes think that these things can only be solved with "shots" of aesthetic medicine, the truth is that a good position of the teeth can help us to achieve an ideal result of our lips in a permanent and stable way with the passing of time. 

9. Black triangles 

When a person has what we call "gum disease", we usually find that the pink papilla does not form between the teeth, leaving an unsightly black space between them. 

Again, this can be solved with veneers of any kind and a simple gum treatment, restoring the papilla that makes the smile look young and healthy. 

And "little else"... I know it's not little, especially because these concepts, one by one, are simple, but understanding them all at once can be difficult, just like achieving a natural, predictable and beautiful smile that makes us enjoy a full life again with a smile that conveys to the world how we feel every morning when we wake up. 

That's my job: to help you smile.