Vélez y Lozano redoubles its commitment to recycling

Today, 17 May, marks the World Recycling DayWe at Vélez y Lozano would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to recycling as a way of conserving the environment and the world around us as a company committed to our surroundings. Although we have always been aligned with this philosophy, in recent years this commitment has become firmer and we have implemented new protocols and ways of acting to promote recycling inside and outside our facilities.

We believe that the importance of small gestures is fundamental, and for this reason we promote the use of recycled paper among our employees, we use reusable bottles in our common areas, we have given different talks on recycling and we have different bins throughout the clinic for recycling, turning off the lights in empty rooms or in the cabinets themselves between patient and patient... among other behaviours that we consider responsible with the current reality and the world around us.

In addition, and at the corporate level, we use compostable cups, we use digital signatures on tablets and other devices, we promote the sending of information telematically, we regularly change tap filters and we use energy-saving LED lights throughout the clinic, among other protocols that include double-sided printing of documents, to give a specific example.

We will continue, year by year, to implement improvements in this regard, striving for, among other goals, for example, the total elimination of paper in our clinic.