Celebrating European Patients' Rights Day

Today, 18 April, is celebrated at European level as Patients' Rights Day. The aim of commemorating this day is to promote the participation of European citizens in order to achieve improvements in everything related to their overall health through debate and information. As a dental clinic, we believe that at Vélez y Lozano we try to improve our protocols in this regard on a daily basis, which are already adapted to this new line of healthcare action.

In this sense, we believe that the first step we can take in favour of the rights of our patients is to inform them at all times of what happens from the moment they set foot in the clinic. Not only in health matters, but also in terms of data protection and the management of their personal and clinical information. In addition, we have a Patient Care team whose sole task is to be the communication link between dentists and patients, explaining the treatment needs that they have seen and presenting the corresponding budgets.

We believe that this is how we manage to be perceived as the health service that we are, moving away from the long-standing view of the 'dentist' as a dark place where patients do not understand what happens to their mouths and why. That's why we also dedicate our working time to the articles we write on the blog, in an attempt to bring dentistry closer to all those who are interested in it.