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Sapphire brackets, composite brackets, ceramic brackets, plastic brackets, porcelain brackets, brackets, braces Claritybrackets Damonbrackets Tip-EdgeThe possibilities of modern orthodontics are becoming more and more extensive, which means that dentists have more tools to treat their patients' malocclusions and, on the other hand, patients are more confused when it comes to choosing one system or another.

What is the best braces with brackets?

The best system is undoubtedly the one recommended by each orthodontist: he/she will adapt it to the patient's needs, to his/her habit of working with one system or another and to other requirements that may be difficult to explain to a patient with little knowledge of the subject.

Therefore, one of the most important decisions to be made by anyone who wants to undergo orthodontic treatment is to choose an experienced orthodontist, with regulated postgraduate training, who carries out refresher courses and seminars and, above all, who is direct and clear about the characteristics of the treatment.

Are self-ligating brackets better than regular brackets?

Self-ligating brackets, among which we could highlight the following models Damon, SmartClip, Carriere y LotusThe brackets differ from the others in that they 'hug' the archwire or wire that joins them together by means of a rigid structure, allowing them to 'move' freely within the space generated by the archwire in the bracket slot.

Damon brackets are a benchmark in self-ligating orthodontics.
Damon brackets are a benchmark in self-ligating orthodontics.

Thus, the advantages of self-ligating brackets, as described in the most recent scientific evidence, are:

- They require less time for the operator (orthodontist or hygienist), making appointment times shorter.

- In the initial phase of alignment and levelling it can be faster than traditional ligation techniques, but not in the other phases (so the final result does not necessarily have to be shorter, as they may be at a disadvantage with respect to other brackets in class correction or final detailing, for example).

- There is no colour change associated with the patient's diet, which occurs when rubber bands or elastics are used to attach the wire to the bracket.

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Are aesthetic brackets better than metal brackets?

The fundamental difference between metal brackets and other brackets is that metal brackets have less 'friction' with the archwires (which are usually metal, although some have a plastic or paint coating) than metal brackets.

For this reason, metal brackets tend to perform significantly better than ceramic or sapphire brackets in a significant number of movements, which is why orthodontists recommend them in complex cases.

However, there are minor differences between them, and even some systems, such as Clarity SL (from English, Self Ligating) combine the advantages of both: the aesthetics of a ceramic bracket, combined with a self-ligating metal slot, which reduces friction with the archwire.

Which bracket should my orthodontist choose?

As mentioned at the beginning, the patients from the Region of Murcia interested in orthodontic treatmentIf you are not satisfied with your orthodontist, you should seek the advice of your orthodontist, having chosen and sought him or her according to the criteria of excellence and clinical ability described above.

Take heart and book an appointment with your orthodontist nowIn the end, the most important thing in this case is the result.