What is Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitative Treatment (RNO)?

Through our social networks we are receiving a lot of feedback about the different options we can offer to parents who detect that their children are oral breathers.

Although this is currently still a developing area in the field of orthodontics, in our dental clinic in Murcia we offer a type of treatment that is still being developed in the field of orthodontics. RNO (Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitator) for children who have been detected early as oral breathers, to correct this habit. Sometimes it is also combined with the use of children's orthopaedics.

Why is oral respiration treated in orthodontics?

Oral respiration, as we have seen more extensively in other articles from our blogThis has a number of negative consequences, especially at developing ages, including a narrowing of the jaw area which leads to incorrect chewing and swallowing and in turn leads to malocclusions such as crowding and crossbite.

This is why orthodontics, which, in line with the latest medical-scientific trends, is committed to prevention as the central focus of its treatments, is the one that offers solutions to these parents concerned about the possible consequences of oral breathing in their children.

Early rehabilitation that teaches us to breathe properly, chew correctly and swallow properly will have a huge impact not only on the health of our mouth, but also on our body in general, which is why, with the help of the orthodontist, what we are looking for is correct nasal breathing, good tongue placement and energetic bilateral chewing.

How do we achieve all this?

Thanks to the use of specific equipment that is used during sleep to force nasal breathing, nostrils that facilitate the entry of air through the nostrils, a special tape that helps to maintain a lip seal and, above all, the rehabilitative exercises that we teach in the clinic.

Because, let's not forget, correcting oral breathing is not the only point to resolve, we must also achieve a correct position of the tongue and bilateral chewing, which will be key to preventing the appearance of these malocclusions, if we are still at that point, or correcting them.

Is it a treatment designed only for children?

No, this new treatment is also designed to rehabilitate adult mouth breathers, whether or not they have developed any type of malocclusion. In fact, several colleagues at the clinic with night-time snoring problems are trying it out.

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