10 sugar caches.

From Vélez and Lozano we would like to comment on this news that we have found in the magazine Men's and HealthIt seems that sugar can be found even in the most unexpected places, and as we are told in the November 2016 edition of '...'.It is not easy to choose the foods that go into your shopping basket. If you are not careful, you will end up feasting on processed sugar.'.

We are going to proceed to analyse those foods which, according to the publication, contain this type of sugar.

  1. Energy bars: as indicated in the article '....have a high amount of proteinBut the problem comes in some cases, where it is more of a snack than an energy bar as it can contain up to 48 grams of sugar per serving, with just a little protein added.
  2. Cereals: This food is of particular relevance for children, as their breakfast cereals contain large amounts of sweeteners to improve their taste. As stated in the article 'Some products contain up to 20g of sugar per 100g of product.'.
  3. White bread: this product includes sugars and additives to keep the bread fluffy and to keep it tasty. 'There can be between 3 and 11g of sugar in 100g of sliced bread.'.
  4. Flavoured yoghurts: This range of products, both fruit and skimmed, contain sweeteners and added sugars, with up to 20g of sugar per 150g of the product. In the case of custard-type desserts, this proportion is much higher.
  5. Ketchup: This product contains a large amount of sugar, in order to counteract the acidity of the tomato. At least for every 100g of ketchup we are ingesting 20g of sugar, while in tomato sauces we would be ingesting 8g.
  6. Sauces: 'Caesar sauces or honey-mustard sauces also contain sugar, especially packaged ones,' the article states, as sweeteners and sugars such as corn syrup are needed to make them. This is also true of other types of convenience foods such as sausages.
  7. Alcohol: In this case the sugar is added by mixing alcohol with soft drinks, although some alcoholic beverages, such as wine, also have a portion of sugar in their composition.
  8. Packaged juices: In this case, some of these products contain added sugars and glucose syrup, in addition to the fruit's own fructose, '...'.13g per 100ml of product'.
  9. Baby corn: This type of corn contains a large amount of carbohydrates, but some producers also add sweeteners, so it is advisable to read labels before consumption.
  10. Ice cream: 'Sugar is an indispensable ingredient in ice cream, as it not only adds flavour but also prevents it from freezing. Sweeteners, such as glucose syrup, are also often used in the production of ice cream. The sugar content is quite high, with up to 30g of sugar per 100g of product.