Bisphenol-A free' dental clinics in Murcia

Since the European Union decided to eliminate bisphenol-a as one of the compounds present in the teats of baby bottles, due to its possible toxicity after contact in the first months of life, manufacturers of dental products have assessed the possibility of eliminating this compound in the material used in dental fillings.

However, the fact remains that bisphenol-a is still a basic component in more than 90 percent of these resins or composites, something that is becoming increasingly important for patients in the Region of Murcia and other areas of Spain who wish to receive conservative dentistry treatments that are completely free of bisphenol-a.

But are there dental clinics using only Bisphenol A-free composites?

Yes, although few in number, some dental professionals offer their patients solutions that are completely free of potentially harmful agents for their health, they already offer the possibility of bisphenol A-free treatments.

Unique dental clinics offer bisphenol-a-free composite treatments
Unique dental clinics offer bisphenol-a-free composite treatments

Are bisphenol A-free 'fillings' of good quality?

Some of the world's leading manufacturers have opted for composite resin lines without this agent, so their quality is identical to that of traditional products, the main difference being that they do not have BIS-GMA in their structure.

World's leading manufacturers offer bisphenol-a free solutions
World's leading manufacturers offer bisphenol-a free solutions

Is it a problem that my dentist used bisphenol A in my mouth?

According to the scientific evidence available to date, bisphenol-a used in composites or resins for dental use does not pose a health risk and is still found in many types of plastics.

Who can I turn to for information on this?

In addition to other posts on our dental blog, you can find further information and resources on the subject in the Official Journal of the European Union, or on the website of the European Commission. American Dental Association.

It is also advisable to consult a professional experts in restorative dentistry who will help you assess the best solution for your case, considering all the general health factors you present and the best alternative to keep your mouth in perfect condition.