Digital dental diagnostics

One of the greatest advances in dentistry in recent years is, according to all experts, the enormous development of diagnostic imaging.

The most technologically advanced dental clinics in the Region of Murcia have for some time now been supported by the Nemo Murcia Centre, an important point of support specialising in digital dental diagnostics, where two of the most important dental diagnostics are combined. the best technological elements available worldwide:

  • The i-CAT Scannera very powerful piece of hardware,
  • NEMOSCANa state-of-the-art computer-guided surgery software.

With all this, a new dental service was born, computer-guided implantology (Computer Aided Implantology - CAI), which perfectly guides dental treatments with which both the patient and the specialists are completely satisfied, as they are minimally invasive surgeries.

Nemoscan allows you to visualise the surgery in advance, ensuring total precision.
Nemoscan allows you to visualise the surgery in advance, ensuring total precision.

Intuitive, accurate and predictable diagnosis and planning taking into account the clinical, anatomical and prosthetic aspects of your patient.

Nemo Centre Murcia offers its collaborating clinics an innovative, open, simple, precise and highly predictable computer-guided surgery solution for both bone and gum, suitable for all types of patients, regardless of gender or age.

The moment of surgery is easier than ever for the professional who has a guided surgery splint, and for the patient, who sees the time of the intervention reduced.

Surgical splint ensures predictable implant placement
Surgical splint ensures predictable implant placement

As a result, more and more patients are coming to the facilities of this modern computerised dental diagnostic centre - at Avenida Juan Carlos I, 60 - to undergo the necessary tests for implant treatment using this computer-guided surgery system, which offers countless advantages:


- Atraumatic surgery

- Reduction of postoperative discomfort

- Maximum precision

- Simplification and acceleration of treatments

- More aesthetic and predictable results

This, together with a impeccable professional work by a leading dental team, means that computer-assisted implantology is now closer than ever to residents in the Region of Murcia.