Diego Saura and Fran Sánchez attend a course on endo-periodontal lesions

The doctors Diego Saura y Francisco Sánchez-Alcaraz attended a course on 5 November last at the Murcia College of Dentists called 'Management of endo-periodontal lesions'. The course, given by Fernando Luengo and Jaime Alcaraz, focused on this type of lesions, which require the intervention of two specialists and two treatments simultaneously, an endodontist and a periodontist, which is why our colleagues attended, each one an expert in their area.

The endo-periodontal lesionsare those that affect both the tooth and the surrounding tissue by infection, rather than just one of the two, as is usual.

Fortunately, at Vélez y Lozano we have two specialists in both areas who practice exclusively at our dental clinic in Murcia who can deal with these issues.