Dr. García Vélez concludes the webinar "Management of oral anticoagulants in the dental clinic" by Dr. Federico Martínez López

Fernando Vélez smiling

The The Chartered Organisation of Dentists in Spain, known as the Council of Dentists, whose president is the Murcian stomatologist Dr. Oscar Castro Reino, has organised 8 webinars to promote the continuing education of dentists in Spain.

The first webinars provided guidelines for pandemic control in the dental clinic, offering essential information on SARS-CoV-2 and how to proceed in the dental clinic to treat our patients safely and effectively. avoid infection cross-cutting in one direction or the other.

"Management of oral anticoagulants in the dental practice", is the title chosen by the Dr. Federico Martínez López, Doctor by profession, stomatologist and professor of the dentistry subject "Special Patients" at the University of Murcia.

During the webinar, Dr. Martinez reviews the classic anticoagulants, as well as the new ones, and tries to establish a protocol of action in the dental clinic, in order to minimising possible haemorrhagic complications without increasing the thrombotic risk in patients treated with this type of drug.

Dr. García Vélez, in charge of the dental surgery and dental implants area of the dental clinic Vélez and Lozano, summarises:

- Throughout the history of the anticoagulant drugs, such as Sintrom, the guidelines have been modified, even interrupting treatment with heparin injections to prepare the patient for dental treatments that could cause bleeding".

- The launch of the new anticoagulants on the market caused some confusion at first, but they are gradually proving to be an effective and effective way of reducing blood pressure. very safe in dental treatment".

- Even so, it is always advisable to have a consultation with the patient's follow-up physician in order to be able to adapt the guidelines to each individual case".