Dr. Diego Saura gives a lecture on dental transplantation at Coco Recruiting

Our colleague, Dr. Diego Sauragave a short instructive talk about one of his specialities, autotransplantation or dental transplantation, through Coco Recruiting's social networks. Specifically, it was a live broadcast on Instagram lasting more than half an hour in which he reviewed, from a dental point of view but with an informative and accessible level, several of the most striking issues associated with this treatment, such as '...'.What characteristics must a tooth have in order to be receptive to transplantation?‘.

Ana, a dentist and founder of the recruiting agency, took care of many of the questions. Coco Recruiting is an agency that acts as an intermediary between Spanish dentists and the French labour market, offering training and support in basic steps such as membership, job search or even language learning. In addition, through its social networks, the agency offers a space for dissemination among dentists in which there is also room for topics such as the psychosocial factors that affect the profession (a talk given by David Pina, also from Murcia, PhD in Psychology), as well as experiences and testimonials.

Dr Saura was grateful for the opportunity, as it is always a pleasure for him to spread the word about his field of expertise, as he has also been doing on our social networks for some time now:


Here you can see the talk he gave on Coco's Instagram channel:



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