Vélez y Lozano gets a place for an ambulance as a day hospital

In the whole Region of Murcia only 1'3% of the centres dedicated to oral health are catalogued as such.

From Vélez and Lozano We have been wanting to announce this news for some time: we have asked the competent authorities to provide an ambulance parking space in front of our dental clinic in Murcia and has been granted to us as a day hospital. 

In the Region of Murcia as a whole, only 1'3% of the establishments that carry out dental work - according to the data provided by the Department of Health- we have this consideration, and only the 1'8% offer anaesthesia and resuscitation services, which we do offer at Vélez y Lozano for the comfort and peace of mind of all our patients. 

We also have a system of nitrous oxide which runs throughout the clinic together with an oxygen system and which we make available to anyone who is going to undergo treatment, especially children, but also people who have an aversion to dental clinics due to bad experiences and who have chosen us to gradually get rid of this trauma, something that fills us with pride every time it happens. 

Now, for the safety and peace of mind of all our patients, we also have the aforementioned ambulance space at the clinic's door, thus completing our services as a day hospital.