How should I clean my dentures?

If you are going to start wearing dentures and you want to ensure proper oral health, the first step - the first and essential step - is to visit your dentist.

There is no one better than an experienced dentist to provide you with a customised, healthy-looking denture that perfectly matches the morphological characteristics of your mouth.

Your dentist will also be able to give you personalised advice on how to care for and maintain your dentures and wear them as comfortably as possible. Always follow the recommendations of your dentist.

Hygiene prevents future problems
Whether it is a partial or complete denture, the hygiene of this artificial element of our mouth is essential to avoid discomfort and complications. That is why, in this text from the blog of Vélez and LozanoAs dentists in Murcia, we would like to offer you some general advice for the correct care of your teeth.

Remember that bacteria attack not only teeth, but also the external elements we fix in our mouth, so being meticulous about cleaning our mouth and maintaining healthy daily habits is a key factor.


Do not use toothpaste
Yes, you read that right. When it comes to dentures or splints, the use of toothpaste is not recommended. It is best to use a specific type of toothpaste that your dentist can recommend.

Be constant
Although they are not our own teeth, teeth also get dirty when they come into contact with food and drink. That is why it is important to clean them after every meal.

Keep track of time and remove the denture.
The epithelium of the mouth is very sensitive and, in addition, at a certain age the tissues can suffer more from external aggressions. For this reason, specialists recommend extracting the teeth for a minimum of four hours a day. Of course, the best time to do this is when you go to bed, a long period of time when dentures are not necessary.

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