What is an orthodontic assessment appointment at Vélez & Lozano like?

Sometimes, when family or friends interested in having orthodontic treatment, or potential patients who write to us through our networks, or even at a social event, an acquaintance asks us, when we reply that orthodontic assessment appointments at Vélez & Lozano last approximately one hour, their reaction is usually: One hour? And what do you do in an hour?

That is why we will try to explain it:

What does an orthodontic assessment appointment consist of?

  1. First step: Getting to know each other

At an orthodontic assessment appointment, the first thing we do is get to know our potential patient. It is vitally important for us to know why you want orthodontics and how we can help you. Your goals will help us to design the treatment plan, for example, if your strongest intention is aesthetics and you are considering ceramic veneers, your teeth should not be in the same position as they would otherwise be. Your habits, for example, will help us to choose the most suitable type of orthodontics for your case, although in the vast majority of cases it will be invisible orthodontics, due to its many advantages.

2. Step 2: Registration phase

Once the first step has been completed, we will go on to fill in a complete medical history, something we do with all the clinic's patients: allergies, illnesses we need to know about, whether they have had orthodontics or any other type of dental treatment before... and so on.

Afterwards, we take all the relevant records, something which, thanks to technological advances and the fact that our dental clinic has been using them as the spearhead of a top quality service for 15 years now, is done without the need for moulds or old and uncomfortable systems, but thanks to the latest 3D technology: iTero scanners. In addition, intraoral and extraoral photographs and radiographic records are taken to complement the orthodontic study.

Perhaps, from the outside, and as it happens to some first-time patients, it may seem like a lot of tests, but it is thanks to this amount of information that orthodontic treatments can nowadays be planned to the millimetre (literally), making them much more predictable, effective and safe.

3. Step three: Planning

With all these records, and obviously thanks to their experience and training as orthodontists in exclusive practice in our dental clinic in Murcia, our doctors will establish a thorough diagnosis of your case, with which they will draw up a personalised treatment plan for you and adapted to your needs, which they will explain in detail, with examples, before and after photographs of similar cases, answering your questions ... and so on.

Ask as many questions as you want! It's your orthodontic treatment, it's only going to happen once in your life and you are not only within your rights, but we are also happy for you to ask us. In addition, thanks to technology and the meticulous planning we talked about, we can create a simulation of what your mouth will look like after treatment, so you can look forward to a result that is very close to reality.

If you would like to know more about orthodontic treatment planning, you can read our article about ClinCheck here.

4. Step 4: The budget

Finally, our patient care colleague, whom you will have already met and who will have accompanied you at all times, will take you to an office where she will present you with the budget that accompanies your treatment. She will also explain the different payment options we offer and how we can adapt to your financial situation through financing, monthly payments or cash payments, as you wish!

If you decide to make an appointment, it is also very easy and you can do it through the following website this link.

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