Invisalign ClinCheck: Why it's so important in invisible orthodontics

Although most of society has already come to terms with the results that invisible orthodontics can bring to their smile, many patients, when they come for an assessment of their orthodontic treatment, ask questions with curiosity:

"How is it possible that a plastic that you can hardly see or notice can move my teeth like this?

And that is why I am writing this blog post, to provide the answer to this question and to clarify all the unknowns behind the treatment with invisible aligners. I am Dr. Ana Pérez Pardoexpert in invisible orthodontics in Murcia and part of the Vélez y Lozano Dental Clinic and, in a single word, I am here to tell you about the Clincheck.

What is Clincheck?

The Clincheck is the programme used by orthodontists accredited in the Invisalign technique to plan orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. Like any scientific treatment, it is constantly evolving and years of work and research have made possible the advanced level of advantages it offers today for patients and orthodontists. 

How does it work?

ClinCheck is, in short, a virtual treatment plan that is created through virtual records of the patient's mouth, which are taken thanks to an intraoral and 3D scanner that does not emit radiation and generates a virtual image with the highest definition and accuracy of the patient's smile, allowing us to send it directly to the programme for the planning of the movements and thus discarding the need to take moulds with fillings that often cause so much discomfort to patients.

The digitisation of treatment planning has greatly streamlined the process, as in the past, records were sent manually (using freight forwarding companies) to the laboratory, slowing down the process of making the patient's invisible aligners.

And design!

Once the records are incorporated, the orthodontist, with a very meticulous and complex work, will elaborate the calculation of movements for each aligner. In the case of Vélez y Lozano, it is me, Dr. Ana Pérez Pardo, accredited by Invisalign itself, who has to foresee each and every one of the movements that the patient's aligners will generate during the treatment. In addition, it is necessary to design the ataches (those three-dimensional shapes made of resin that help move teeth) specific to the patient's problem.

We are, therefore, faced with a highly controlled treatment plan, reviewed and personalised to a very exhaustive level of detail for each of the patients who decide to resort to the invisible orthodontics in Murcia.

This software is a fundamental part of aligner treatment, as is, of course, the orthodontist being an Invisalign specialist and making a good individualised treatment plan, scheduling and sequencing each movement in a predictable way. Until the Clincheck has been completed, and therefore the planning is complete, the manufacturing process of the aligners is not started. invisible aligners.

Advantages of Clincheck

The Clincheck allows for monitoring that is just as controlled as the pre-planning of the treatment. Thanks to this digital planning, the orthodontist can check at each appointment whether the progress is as expected and whether everything is going as planned. In addition, the patient can be informed at all times of the movements that each of his or her aligners will make, if he or she wishes to do so.

It is also an incredible digital resource that allows those undergoing orthodontic treatment to visualise not only the final result, but all stages of the process - something patients love!

I hope I have clarified your doubts and that you are clearer about our work. If you have any comments/doubts, please use the usual channels.

Author: Ana Pérez Pardo (Orthodontist)

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