How to keep your periodontium healthy

The periodontium is the area of tissue that surrounds and supports our teeth. The gums are an important part of the periodontium, but not the only one. Given that this area of our body is subjected to the action of bacteria throughout our lives, the periodontium is sensitive to a multitude of infections, the most common being gingivitis and periodontitis - the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Today we want to tell you how to protect this part of your body from bacterial aggression.

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Dental hygiene
It is essential, as we have stressed in previous blog posts, to Velez & LozanoA healthy mouth is only possible with a daily dental hygiene that includes at least two daily brushings and the use of other allies of our smile such as mouthwashes and dental floss.

Don't know how to brush your teeth properly? We show you how to ensure optimal hygiene in this video.



Healthy diet
Diet is a key factor in maintaining our health over the years. If physical activity helps us to stay active and fit, following a diet rich in fresh and nutritious foods will allow us to live our years without losing quality of life.
When it comes to our oral health, nutrition plays a key role, often neglected by many people. Publications such as the book by Dr. Macarena Rodríguez Santiagoof the clinic Velez & Lozano Opening Mouth: recipes to take care of your teeth and gums'. offers us the keys through classic recipes, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, to enjoy healthy gums. Because taste and periodontal care are not incompatible.

Regular visits to your dentist
It is important to visit our dentist at least once a year. Our trusted dentist knows our mouth better than anyone else, as well as its evolution over the years. Therefore, there is no one better than him or her to offer us early diagnoses of diseases that can worsen over time. A classic example of this problem can be found in gingivitis patients who, after a prolonged period of time without adequate medical help, often develop more serious diseases, such as periodontitis. This leads to receding gums, which is the beginning of tooth loss.

The periodontium is essential to our oral health and for this reason we must pay the necessary attention to it on a daily basis, relying on the professional advice of our trusted dentist.