I have a sore in my mouth, what can I do? - Dentist Murcia

A frequent consultation in dental clinics in the Region of Murcia is that arising from sores or ulcers that occur in mucosal tissues inside the mouth of patients, a factor that, although sometimes considered to be of little importance, deserves a small review on our part.

In principle, in order to classify all mucosal lesions, as a patient you should know that there is no particular difference between those that are established in certain areas of the mouth, such as the tongue, the lips or the inside of the cheeks.

What should we pay attention to?

Basically, the duration of the injury: a sore, a small ulcer, or a wound resulting from, for example, rubbing against food or drinking a beverage at a high temperature, should heal on its own within a few days of its appearance.

However, after a fortnight's duration, we should consult with our dentist The person will analyse the reasons for the problem and help us to diagnose and solve the problem.


How can I cure a sore?

To cure a sore, you should first of all take the following considerations into account:

  • Maintain good daily hygiene, preferably with an electric toothbrush and a toothpaste with stabilised stannous fluoride.
  • Make sure there is no chewing habit, or friction with any exogenous element, such as pens, pins...

In addition, as mentioned above, your dentist of choice, such as those at the dental clinic Vélez y Lozano in Murciawill recommend, if necessary, rinses with mouthwashes, gels, or other vehicles such as chewing gum, which, depending on your needs, will contain different active agents.