At the oral level

From the moment we lose the tooth organ we start to lose bone mass, specifically up to 50% is lost in the first two years and a continuous loss in the following years.


At the systemic level

Good chewing not only improves the assimilation of nutrients, it also stimulates the immune system, gives us the feeling that we have really eaten and avoids snacking between meals, as well as self-cleaning of the teeth.



When teeth are lost, the tissues that support them atrophy, which is accentuated if removable prostheses are used. This has an effect on the face, as they collapse as they are not supported.

Losing a tooth is always traumatic for all patients, whatever their age. However, when it is not one of the pieces of the aesthetic sector, we sometimes let time pass after extraction without replacing the absence, which ends up generating problems at an oral, systemic and aesthetic level. Among these, bone loss is undoubtedly the most important, which can be up to 50% in the first two years, but there are many more. Many of my patients report problems eating or smiling, which have a direct impact on their lives, both personally and sometimes professionally. 

In addition, one of the compelling reasons to finally take the step to replace your missing teeth is that it will never be as optimal a time as it is right now. With each passing day, the procedure becomes more complicated and the subsequent success rate becomes more complicated. 

Dentistry has advanced so much in this regard that the duration of the appointment for an implant placement is less than that of a root canal or an inlay. The recovery is simple and quick, the procedure is painless (it is performed under anaesthesia) and the result, I am sure, will make you wonder why you didn't decide earlier. 

If you are very apprehensive, you can also ask about our different options for conscious sedation. 

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    Whether you are thinking about replacing your missing teeth, have already done so, or simply want to know more about this exciting area of dentistry, you can download a free downloadable version of the totally free of charge the last book of the Dr. Fernando García VélezIn an informative and accessible tone, he tries to bring the world of dental implants closer to those without any knowledge of the subject, as well as to readers who already know the basics and are looking to broaden their knowledge. 

    The book is aimed at all audiences and its objective is none other than to clarify doubts and share concerns prior to implant treatment, also addressing a key factor that many tend to forget: maintenance. 

    Because nothing in this life is really forever, and even less so if we don't take care of it. 

    Dr. Fernando García Vélez is an implantologist in exclusive practice at the prestigious Vélez & Lozano dental clinic, as well as its medical director and founding partner. He has placed more than 5,000 implants during his professional career and has written the book 'Implantology for patients'. 

    In addition, it is the vice-president of the Grupo Murciano de Estudios Estomatológicos (GEMO). His training began at the University of Murcia, where he was awarded an extraordinary prize for his degree, and has taken him to various places in Spain and abroad, from Cáceres to Brazil. 

    His professional life as a dentist has been based exclusively on the practice of Surgery and Implants.


    Implant placement is carried out in 3 simple steps:

    1.  Digital planning of the procedure.
    2.  Placing the fixture (the implant) in the area where the tooth is missing
    3.  At 6-8 weeks, we place the artificial tooth.

    During your first appointment, a series of photographs are taken to assess your initial situation and to be able to communicate better. 

    In addition, we will perform an intraoral scan, only with light, which shoots 6,000 photos per second and allows us a 3D model without uncomfortable fillers.

    Finally, as we have never seen you before and in addition to your teeth we want to assess the situation of your bone, we will take an X-ray.

    At Vélez y Lozano, it currently takes no more than 30 minutes to fit an implant. As an additional service, we are one of the few clinics in Murcia that offers patients the option of light sedation, which eliminates the discomfort and uneasiness of inhaling 'laughing gas', a harmless compound.

    The CBCT equipment we have here at Vélez y Lozano allows us to find out exactly how much real bone there is. Only then should we consider the need to increase the bone mass in the area where the implant is to be fitted.

    At our dental clinic in Murcia, we only use Straumann implants. This brand is highly regarded around the world and backed by a lot of research to guarantee success and quality.

    In addition, Dr. García Vélez has an impressive CV in which he can count more than 5,000 patients to whom he has successfully placed implants.

    The minimally invasive techniques that we use at Vélez y Lozano help us to mitigate the discomfort that may arise after having implants put in.

    Local anaesthesia is used during the procedure, so the patient will experience sensations quite similar to those they would feel when getting a filling.

    Once the anaesthesia has worn off, over-the-counter painkillers are usually sufficient. In fact, some patients do not take anything at all. It depends on the individual.

    An instant implant is exactly what it sounds like. Advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to replace a tooth on the same day it is extracted, reducing the number of procedures, waiting times and discomfort for the patient, who will not suffer the consequences of being without a tooth for a single day.

    In addition, there are also many techniques that allow you to continue chewing while the implants are healing without anyone noticing the loss of the tooth.

    If you are afraid, it is best to do this as soon as possiblebecause in the long run it becomes more complex, expensive and even scarier.

    I understand that you think it is not a priority, but in reality implants are not done for aesthetic reasons. Bear in mind that during the first two years 50% of the bone around the tooth is lost, with the complications that this entails for chewing and the natural position of your teeth.

    Moreover, doing it now is simpler and cheaper, because no grafts will be needed.