Vélez y Lozano hosts course on 3D printing in dentistry

The facilities of the Dental Clinic in Murcia Vélez and Lozano have been used this weekend, 4 and 5 September 2021, to host the training course 'Deep Learning in 3D PrintingThe pioneer in the field is Wenceslao PiedraThe event, which was attended by two of the clinic's doctors, was attended by two of the clinic's doctors: Fernando García VélezMedical Director and expert in implantology, and Diego SauraPartner and expert in endodontics and autotransplantation. 

The aim is to understand and master this technology (and the advantages it offers) in order to be able to apply it in the clinic for the benefit of all our patients, which will allow us to continue offering a pioneering service in Murcia. 

Wenceslao is an expert and teaches his training courses all over Spain, so we are grateful that in his intention to come to Murcia he chose Vélez y Lozano as a reference centre to develop the training. He is the author of many scientific articles on this constantly evolving technology and Diego and Fernando could not have had a better teacher. 

We hope to be able to give you good news soon, but this has been a first stone to work on before being able to offer a pioneering service in our Dental Clinic in Murcia.