Justin Bieber and dummies in adults

Unbelievable but true: Justin Bieber has surprised everyone by wearing a dummy. There are several images captured recently that attest to this. As extravagant as the 'Baby' singer's attitude may seem, the truth is that dummies in adults is a habit that, although infrequent, does exist.

dummy 3

In previous posts on the blog of Vélez and LozanoThe dentistry and new technologies applied to the field of oral health, the clinical centre of reference in Murcia in dentistry and new technologies applied to the field of oral health, we already treat the problems derived from 'pacifier-addiction' in children.

The truth is that sucking is a natural habit, an instinct that babies have even before they are born, which helps them to suckle instinctively and thus feed themselves from the very first moment, thanks to breast milk.

The dummy is a very effective ally for mothers and fathers in situations that can generate stress or anxiety in the child. However, its use should not be prolonged beyond the age of two or three, as recommended by most paediatric dentists, who also add that this is not a fixed rule and each case is unique.

The risks of prolonged dummy use include infant or early childhood caries, palate deformation or problems in the formation of the jaws, among other associated pathologies.

Lollipop addiction in intimacy

This is in relation to early childhood, but what happens when a dummy is used as an adult? The dummy is not an accessory that Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend wants to make fashionable (or maybe it is, who knows), but an instrument that helps to calm the so-called 'oral fixation' that many adults carry from childhood, without being able to get rid of it.


Lollipop addiction in adults is rare, but it does exist. You can even find forums and websites for addicts to tell their stories. Some people use the lollipop in private, before going to sleep, because it calms them down, like when they were babies.

The portals of celebritiesHowever, they attribute Justin Bieber's bizarre new habit to a particular way of fighting smoking. Sometimes when people are trying to quit smoking, they need to replace cigarettes with something that involves the mouth.

Whether it's chewing gum, using an e-cigarette, a toothpick or eating, some people gain weight when they quit smoking. Sucking on a lollipop could be Justin Bieber's extravagant attempt to quit smoking.
The truth is that abandoning one habit for another always has negative consequences and dummy use should be restricted to the first months of life.