Christmas comes to Vélez and Lozano

Once again this year, we have dressed the clinic in joy and happiness to welcome such an important period for many as Christmas. In addition, this year 2022 we have launched more Christmas initiatives than ever, because we believe that we all deserve them a little bit after a few years with a lower profile. That's why, in addition to the obvious, the decorations, this year we are adding more:

A letter box for the little ones to send their letter to Santa Claus. On the 23rd his helpers will collect it, just in time for the distribution of presents. As the elves have told us, if a child behaves well at the dentist, he behaves well almost everywhere else!

In addition, in the children's area of the waiting room there will be Christmas drawings to colour in, as well as 'blank' stars and a colouring bag. These stars can be put directly on our tree or they can take them home and use them to decorate their own tree, or whatever they and their parents consider.

Finally, and as a we already advanced a few days agoUntil 21 December, you can collaborate with the most needy by bringing your toy donations to the clinic.