The orthodontics of Spanish royalty

For years, popular culture has considered orthodontic treatment to be synonymous with poor social success. Even today it is common to find characters in television series and even in the cinema who respond to the false cliché orthodontics = unpopularity. To combat this commonplace that does so little to improve the health and aesthetics of our mouth, from the blog of the Vélez y Lozano Clinic we would like to take a look at the most noble and popular dental treatments, those of our royalty.

Classic orthodontics: King Felipe VI

Our current king was born, as princes are born, with thousands of eyes on him. But even with blue blood, our current monarch needed a little help during his childhood to have perfect teeth.

Royalty 1
Much has happened since then, but although the classic braces of the seventies do not spoil the beautiful smile of the then prince, they are far from resembling the modern systems that both his future wife, Princess Letizia, and even his own father, the emeritus King Juan Carlos, would later choose - as we shall see - for themselves.

Princess Letizia's sapphire braces

In 2010 the image of Princess Letizia wearing some curious braces caused a real furore in the sector, causing the demand for this treatment to skyrocket. The princess is well aware of the importance of her image. Although Zarzuela was quick to deny it, the truth is that the images do not deceive. It seems that Letizia has decided - at least for a while - to opt for a less visible orthodontic system, such as sapphire braces. For many, this type of system is as close to jewellery as it is to classic dental treatment. Sapphire brackets have become the 'grills' - those golden ornaments in fashion in the United States - of high society. The bet is more than interesting, because instead of hiding the treatment, it becomes part of our beauty as an accessory.

royalty 2
The Invisalign of the emeritus King Don Juan Carlos

Don Juan Carlos' Invisalign has caused rivers of ink to flow. Many are still wondering whether what the emeritus king was wearing that afternoon at the bullfight was a cover of the prestigious American invisible orthodontic treatment Invisalign, or simply an unloading splint against bruxism - a compulsion that induces teeth grinding. But the truth is that if the king has decided in favour of Invisalign, the bet is more than right, as this treatment, at the forefront of the world, provides constant discretion without sacrificing the effectiveness of the final result.

Royalty 3